The New Year is the perfect time to start planning for a career change or a new challenge in your studies. If you have ever considered studying Law overseas, there are many reasons why the University of Aberdeen is a place that you should consider. First and foremost, the University has a very long, proud history dating back to its origins in 1495. Secondly, it has been consistently ranked as one of the top 10 Law Schools in the UK.

The School of Law offers many ideal choices for Canadians. This includes a wide variety of both undergraduate and postgraduate programs of study. Programs at Aberdeen Law School are high quality, engaging and academically challenging. Students here are welcomed into a supportive learning environment which emphasizes personal development in order to encourage well rounded and highly employable graduates. The School of Law offers a wide variety of LLB degrees and Canadian students are able to apply for the 3 yr LLB program directly from high school. It also offers the very popular 2 year Accelerated Law Program for students who already have an undergraduate degree.

The School of Law has around 50 academic staff, 900 LLB undergraduates, 345 taught postgraduate students made up of: 200 LLM, 80 Diploma in Professional and Legal Practice and 65 postgraduate research students.

Barclay Educational Services has successfully been sending Canadian students overseas to study Law for more than a decade. These programs are easily transferred to working back here at home and are also eligible for recognized student loan programs such as OSAP. Barclay will assist you with the entire application process for FREE. The University pays our fee. Interested in finding out more? Email Jackie at and make 2021 YOUR year for change!

Become part of the student body at the beautiful University of Aberdeen