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How Can We Help You?

This service is FREE of charge. Barclay Educational Services is proud to partner with numerous overseas universities in England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, France and Germany. Many of our schools are part of the prestigious Russell Group of Universities in the UK, similar to the Ivy League category in North America. As a designated Canadian agent of these schools, our services are geared to help students in Canada with the overseas course selection and application process AT NO COST. Services can be provided entirely online and include:

  • Overseas program searches and recommendations
  • Advice and feedback on your Personal Statement
  • Help organizing and uploading all documents necessary for the application process.
  • Assistance with your Student Visa application
  • Tracking and updating the progress of your application to keep you informed, with the help of the strong relationships we have developed with our partner schools over more than a decade.
  • Please contact us for a complete list of schools and programs available.

  • POPULAR PROGRAMS INCLUDE: the 2 year Accelerated Law Program (JD Pathway) for students with an undergraduate degree, as well as one year Masters programs in areas such as Engineering and International Business.

    Also, programs which are available directly from high school including Law (3 yr LLB), Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Pharmacy and Chiropractic.

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