About Us

Private Guidance Counselling firm located in Hamilton, Ontario. 

Barclay Educational Services

Est. 2007 

Barclay Educational Educational Services is a private guidance counselling firm located in Hamilton, Ontario.

Our team of education professionals specializes in providing personalized education planning for high school students. Let us help you find your perfect pathway as you prepare for college or university.

Our other specialty is  FREE Study Overseas Study Application Assistance that helps students at the undergraduate or postgraduate level apply for exciting educational pathways overseas. For more than a decade, Jackie Barclay and her team have helped students find their passion, achieve their career goals, and have the experience of a lifetime overseas.

Our Practice

Private Guidance Counselling

Help define career goals and ambitions for students considering post- secondary education. 


Training & Advice

Training and education services to assist students and young professionals with their academic and career goals. 


Study Overseas

Interested in studying in the UK? Barclay provides a range of services that will help you get there.

Why Choose Us

Trusted Experts in Education

 Barclay has helped hundreds of students for more than a decade. Our team has years of experience working in both counselling and teaching at the high school and post-secondary level. They are extremely knowledgeable about programs and admission requirements both here at home in Canada and overseas.

Our Team

Jackie Barclay

Jackie Barclay


Lisa Knap

Lisa Knap

Education Counsellor

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