“I was able to come in here with no clue and leave completely informed.”


– Emily Zedo

Travel & Tourism, CORK Institute of Technology Ireland,

Class of 2016

“They were my guardian angels throughout the whole application process”


– Augustine Krawchenko

Law, University of Leicester, England

Class of 2015

“They put together the entire package for me […] and really it was honestly one of the best decisions that I made”


– Mitchell

Law, University of Southampton, England

Class of 2018

“I really liked that I could be able to go to Swansea through Jackie [Barclay] and be taken care of […]. It was such a help for me to have someone to lean on.”


– Bree Anna King

Psychology, Swansea University, Wales

Class of 2018

“Applying to Leicester through Barclay was really beneficial. It helped tremendously in the process.”


– Noah Aresta

Law, University of Leicester, England

Class of 2018

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