Our experienced staff at Barclay Educational Services has been successfully sending students overseas for more than a decade. By far, the most popular program request that we receive is from students who want to study law in the UK.

There are several reasons that studying law in the UK is an attractive option for Canadians. First you can apply for a 3 year LLB directly from high school, which is not possible here in Canada. Secondly, the UK offers a 2 year Accelerated Degree (JD Pathway) for students who already have an undergraduate degree.

These qualifications easily transfer back to Canada. In addition ALL of these programs are eligible for recognized Canadian student loan programs such as OSAP. Both of these options save both time and tuition for Canadians allowing them to start paid work in the field of law much earlier.

Because Law in the UK attracts such a high number of Canadians, most UK universities have excellent Canadian Law Societies which offer student support right from the begin of classes through to returning back home to begin the job search.

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