If you are interested in pursuing postgraduate studies in areas such as Forensics, Aerospace or Agrifood, there are a number of reasons why Cranfield University should be high on your list of considerations. First, Cranfield University is composed ENTIRELY of postgraduate students and programs. The University also boasts more specialist programs than anywhere else. Regardless of the area of study that you wish to pursue, Cranfield has forged strong ties with industry and experts in that area and students greatly benefit from both of these advantages.

But there are some other unique aspects to the Cranfield University experience, especially in the Aerospace sector. Cranfield is the ONLY university in Europe with its own airport and runway! This allows them to define and delivering the aircraft, airport and airspace management of the future.

Take a look at some of the most popular program areas for Canadians. If you are interested in finding out more or would like details on how to apply please contact Canadian agent Barclay Educational Services to assist you with the process. You can email Jackie at JSB@barclayedu.com or head to our website and use the Contact Form https://barclayedu.com/

Forensic Investigation https://www.cranfield.ac.uk/centres/cranfield-forensic-institute

Environment & Agrifood https://www.cranfield.ac.uk/themes/environment-and-agrifood

Aerospace https://www.cranfield.ac.uk/themes/aerospace

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