You didn’t miss the application deadline yet, but time is running out if you plan to study in the UK this Fall (2021). Barclay Educational Services is still assisting with applications for both undergraduate and postgraduate programs in the UK and Europe. You can still apply for a number of popular programs.

Undergraduate applications for Law (3 year LLB) are open to Canadian students directly from high school and this remains one of the most requested programs. Also highly sought after are physiotherapy, chiropractic, pharmacy and occupational therapy. These programs are also open to high school students who meet the application qualifications.

In terms of postgraduate degrees, by far the most popular program for Canadians is the 2 year Accelerated Law Degree (JD Pathway). Please keep in mind that all of these qualifications are easily transferred to working back here at home. In addition, all of the programs at our partner schools are also eligible for recognized Canadian student loan programs such as OSAP. And equally important is that Masters programs in the UK are usually one year, not two as is usually required here in Canada, so this saves you both time and money!

Barclay Educational Services has been helping students study overseas for more than a decade. We provide complete application assistance for FREE. (Our partner universities pay us to help you here in Canada.) We will guide you through the entire process from obtaining the necessary documents to the complicated Tier 4 Student Visa process. If you are interested in finding out more, please email Jackie at OR head to the Contact Page on our website. Watch this video to see how we can help make your overseas study adventure a reality. Contact us today and Start Studying Overseas in Fall 2021!