The UK is making headway with its vaccination campaign and has announced plans to end all lockdown restrictions by June 21st. This means summer there should be a return to a much more normal life for everyone. Canada is lagging behind and hopes to have vaccinations completed by the end of September but that depends upon no further disruptions to the vaccine supply chain. What this means for anyone considering studies overseas is that this is an excellent time to apply to get back to classes and a more normalized state of learning.

Barclay Educational Services is now accepting clients who wish to apply to study in the UK. The 3 year LLB is open to Canadian applications DIRECTLY from high school and a 2 year Accelerated Law Degree is available to students who already have an undergraduate degree. In addition, a great many other courses are open to high school students including Medicine, Pharmacy and Chiropractic. Other popular programs with Canadians are Art and Design, Business, Dentistry, Engineering, Computer Engineering, Occupational Therapy, Publishing, Physiotherapy Teaching, and Speech and Language Therapy. ALL of these qualifications easily transfer to working back here at home in Canada. An added bonus, most Masters programs take just ONE YEAR to complete unlike the 2 years usually required at Canadian universities.

Barclay Educational has more than a decade of experience sending students overseas to study. Our company is a recognized and accredited agent for overseas universities. As such there is NO CHARGE for our application assistance which includes helping with program choices, assistance with the proper paperwork, feedback on personal statements and assistance with the Tier 4 Student Visa Process. The UK Universities that we represent pay our fee.

Take a look at our list of partner schools and get in touch to pick your perfect program. Start planning for a return to normal life and start studying in the UK in Fall 2021! For help or info contact Jackie at