Studying Law overseas is an increasingly popular choice for Canadians. Barclay Educational has successfully helped hundreds of Canadians apply to excellent UK law schools over the past decade including the popular Hillary Rodham Clinton School of Law at Swansea University.

This Law School which enjoys a well-respected international reputation, brings together the disciplines of Law and Criminology. In addition, the excellent teaching by staff is combined with extensive real-world experience.

Students are part of a thriving academic environment At the School of Law, courses prepare students for a wide number of careers that make a difference to society. Graduates are prepared with the key skills necessary to enter professional careers or to continue the pursuit of academics.

Law students at Swansea have unique opportunities at every level, from undergraduate to PhD programs. Other valuable learning experiences come from working with the university’s Law Clinic, as well as work placements with a range of key partners. Students will be able to pursue areas of specialty ranging from Children’s Human Rights to Cyberterrorism and LegalTech.

Interested in finding out more about Law at Swansea? Thinking about applying for Fall 2021? Contact Jackie at for details. Barclay Educational assists with the entire application process at NO CHARGE for students. (As a recognized official agent of UK universities in Canada, the Universities pay our fee. ) Apply now and Start Studying at Swansea this year!