If you missed the UCAS deadline to apply for a September program start in the UK, you still have a chance to start studying at Cranfield University this spring! Cranfield has a number of excellent programs which begin in March, as listed below. Barclay Educational Services has successfully been helping students study overseas and is partnered with more than 25 top-rated universities in the UK. As authorized Canadian representatives of these schools here in Canada, our application assistance is FREE to students. Cranfield University is unique in that it caters exclusively to postgraduate programs and students and also boasts its own runway and airport! Browse the programs below and get in touch to find out more about any of the exciting and challenging programs below. Email Jackie at JSB@barclayedu.com OR head to the Contact Page on our website https://barclayedu.com/

March 2022 Program Starts:
Aerospace Manufacturing MSc (cranfield.ac.uk)

Engineering and Management of Manufacturing Systems MSc (cranfield.ac.uk)

Thermal Power MSc (cranfield.ac.uk)

Aerospace Vehicle Design MSc (cranfield.ac.uk)