Did you know that you can earn your MPharm in the UK and that the qualifications easily transfer back home to working in Canada? Did you also know that this program is eligible for OSAP and other similar Canadian student loans? By studying Pharmacy in the UK you can save both time and tuition by applying DIRECTLY to this program from high school.

Pharmacists are trusted experts in medicines and offer the important services of advice and treatment to patients. As part if the excellent program at the University of Hertfordshire you will learn the skills required to be a pharmacist in state- of-the-art facilities. Students are also part of work placements in every year of the program which allows the development of important interpersonal skills as well as the tools needed to confidently work in this field.

Learn at the College Lane   Campus

In addition to excellent teaching facilities at the University, you will have access to a number of other amenities including the top notch student learning centre, the gym or just relaxing in an on campus pub or cafe. Did you make friends on the other campus? Hop on a shuttle bus for a free 15 minute ride to visit with them in your spare time. All of these services make the university experience convenient and seamless so that you can tailor your activities to your own personal schedule.

How will I study?

Lectures, tutorials, seminars, practical classes and problem based learning will give you a solid foundation of skills upon which to build as you enter the world or Pharmacy. In addition, your final year will consist of an interesting Research Project in an area which interests you.

Want to find out more about the excellent MPharm program at the University of Hertfordshire? Get in touch with us https://barclayedu.com/contact-us/ We have more than a decade of experience helping Canadian students to successfully study overseas in France and the UK!