If you want to master the entire process of publishing including planning, editing, production, marketing and publication management in print and digital environments, then the MLitt Publishing Studies at the University of Stirling is a perfect choice for you.

You will be learning your craft at The Stirling Centre for International Publishing and Communication which is a world-leading centre for postgraduate publishing studies,. This well-respected facility offers a comprehensive and coherent approach to all forms of publishing.

Students in this program will have a strong foundation of expert knowledge of the publishing process from start to finish in both print and digital environments. Your state of the art skills are cultivated by the fact that the course content is updated every year to keep pace with the rapid changes taking place in this industry.

The course content is challenging, stimulating and enjoyable. In fact, many publishers consider it equivalent to a year’s worth of experience at a publishing company. Graduates from the MLitt Publishing Studies at Stirling go onto earn senior positions in both commercial and not-for-profit publication organisations across the world.

The program’s strong ties with the publishing industry, as well as its responsiveness to the changing needs of the business, means that you will be equipped with the intellectual and practical skills needed for a successful career in the publishing field as well as related businesses.

The University of Stirling offers a strong student experience with both academic and personal support, a diverse learning environment and a beautiful campus. When you are not busy with your studies, you are also well positioned to do some travelling to London and other world class cities. Find out more about the experience below:

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