This week, thousands of Canadian kids are heading back to class, either in person or online. However, due to the pandemic, a great number are also feeling confusion about what their next steps should be. Whether you are currently a high school student, or have completed high school and are wondering what to do next, Barclay Educational Services can help you confidently choose that next step.

Barclay Educational Services is a full service education agency which offers both private high school counselling as well as help placing Canadian students in both undergraduate and postgraduate programs overseas. Our high school counselling offers interest based testing which will not only assess your skills and abilities but your personality and how it is best suited to various programs and careers. We will then help you narrow in on possible careers as well as programs at Ontario colleges and universities, which would suit your goals and future career path.

Our overseas service offers complete support to students applying to any of our top-rated university partners in the UK, France, Germany, as well as a number of colleges in Ireland. Many programs can be accessed DIRECTLY from high school such as Chiropractic, Law, Medicine, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Pharmacy. In addition, postgraduate work in the Masters area usually takes JUST ONE YEAR to complete, versus the two years normally required here in Canada. All of our overseas programs are eligible for OSAP and other recognized Canadian student loan programs. Even better, as an authorized agent of overseas universities, our application services are FREE to students. (The Universities pay our fee to assist you here in Canada.)

Interested in getting back to class? Need a little extra guidance to get there? Contact Barclay Educational Services at OR head to the Contact page on our website. Get in touch today and let Barclay Educational help YOU find your perfect pathway.