The UK has been making great strides with its vaccination program and plans to open up from all Covid 19 restrictions on June 21st! That means there has never been a better time to start your return to normal if you are considering applying to study overseas. Law is one of the most popular programs for Canadians with both undergraduate (LLB) and Accelerated Law Programs (JD Pathway) being available as options.

The 3 year LLB program is accessible to Canadian students DIRECTLY from high school. The 2 year JD Pathway meanwhile, is available to Canadians who have already earned an undergraduate degree. All qualifications are easily transferred to working back home in Canada and countless students have done this successfully. Watch below to find out about one Ontario lawyer who studied at the University of Southampton.

One added benefit of Studying Law in the UK is that there is no specific prerequisite program that is required. Students from ALL disciplines are welcome. In addition, NO LSAT score is required in order to apply.

Barclay Educational Services works with more than 25 overseas universities, many of which offer top-rated Law programs including those who are part of the Russell Group School of universities (equivalent to Ivy league here.) Get in touch today and start YOUR adventure living abroad and studying Law overseas. Contact Canadian agent Jackie Barclay at for program details and information on how to apply.