The security of computer systems worldwide, is increasingly becoming more of an issue as the use of information systems is now a part of our everyday lives. In fact, there have recently been many high-profile incidents where data and other personal information has been hacked from a number of systems. This MSc Computer Systems Security at the University of South Wales will teach you the latest techniques to safeguard computer systems around the globe.

The University of South Wales is known for its internationally excellent team from the department’s Cybersecurity Research Group. In addition to experts from these renown experts, teaching is supplemented by industry and outside speakers who contribute information about the latest expertise and ongoing developments in the field.

This specialist Masters program in Computer Systems Security focuses on the technical aspects of computer systems security and systems administration, including penetration testing.

You will learn these skills using state-of-the art technology. In fact, the University of South Wales features a full range of high-specification computer labs alongside continuous investment to ensure that facilities stay at the forefront of computing developments.

Interested in taking YOUR computer science skills to the next level at South Wales? If you are a student in Canada, please contact Canadian agent Barclay Educational Services for program details and information on how to apply. There is NO CHARGE for the use of Barclay’s services. The University pays the fee. Please email Jackie at and start studying at the University of South Wales in 2021!