This Bachelors in Nursing degree (BN) at Bangor University qualifies you to work as a registered nurse in the UK. Students, including those from Canada, also have the option to work in the UK for two years in UK after graduation. This allows you to gain experience and earn an income while working to transfer your qualifications back home. Registered nurses who hold this qualification provide care for people across the lifespan, including looking after the health of mother and baby. Studens will gain important hands on experience during placements in clinical areas which might include:

  • Acute sector general and specialist medical and surgical nursing
  • Critical care nursing (intensive and high dependency care, emergency department, theatres and recovery)
  • Community nursing in the home environment and primary care

Bangor accepts applications for nursing courses throughout the year, while places are still available. As some pathways do become full we recommend applications are submitted as soon as possible. Canadian applicants must apply through Barclay Educational Services. Please contact Jackie at OR get in touch through their website for additional program info or application details

Public Health and Health Promotion (MSc)

Another popular health sciences program at Bangor for Canadians is Public Health and Health Promotion (MSc). As this career field is very diverse, this program has been designed to accommodate the learning needs of individuals from a wide range of occupational backgrounds. Students will concentrate on gaining the knowledge and skills required for improving the health and well-being of culturally diverse individuals and populations. This is done through the promotion of health and prevention of diseases; the development of skills to lead and manage change; and, the assessment, planning and evaluation of policy and practice interventions. Course content focuses on the underlying factors affecting public health and health promotion, such as epidemiology, health economics, research, and the social and behavioural sciences. 

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