Applications to OUAC this year increased by tens of thousands. Some experts believe this might be due to the pandemic as many students took a gap year resulting in TWO cohorts of students applying to university in the same year. The result is that many Canadians with strong marks did not get into their programs of choice. But you can still start your university career this year in the UK!

Applications are now closed for the majority of programs for Sept/Oct 2021. However, the good news is that applications are currently being accepted for a number of programs with a January/Feb 2022 start date. These include Business, Law, Mathematics, Engineering, Media, Health Sciences and more. Not only is a UK Education recognized world-wide for its excellence in quality, ALL PROGRAMS are eligible for Canadian students loan programs such as OSAP which makes it a viable alternative to attending classes here at home. In addition, many programs such as Law, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Pharmacy, Medicine, Dentistry and Chiropractic are open to applicants DIRECTLY FROM HIGH SCHOOL. This means there is no need to complete an undergraduate degree first which results in less time and tuition before you can get out and start earning money in your choice of career. Equally important is the fact that ALL of these qualifications are easily transferable to working back in Canada.

Interested in finding out more about starting YOUR university career overseas in the UK? Contact Barclay Educational Services at or head to the Contact Page on our website Our company is an authorized Canadian representative of more than 25 UK Universities. As such there is NO CHARGE for our services. The Universities pay us to assist you. Get in touch today and let us help you find your perfect program!