Hundreds of Canadians head overseas each year. There are many advantages to doing so including being able to access such programs such as Law, Medicine, Chiropractic and Pharmacy directly from high school. However, MANY students do not read the details of how funding must be organized and documented, and often leave this aspect of things till the last minute. This is a huge error because your Student Visa ABSOLUTELY depends on the UK and the universities knowing that your finances are in order and will usually mean that your Visa application will be denied.

Barclay Educational Services has successfully been helping Canadians study overseas in the UK and Europe for more than a decade and we offer the following tips below:

The UK Student Visa Process has two steps; an online application and an in-person appointment. Even before you submit your application, if you are using cash to pay for school, your funds MUST have been sitting in an account with your name (or your parents) for at least 28 days. You also need a statement from the bank which verifies this. Many students realise this too late and run out of time to have the money in an account for the correct period of time, before they need to get the Visa to fly over. Making sure that this requirement is met is the FIRST thing you should do. Do NOT submit your application or book your in person appointment until you have all of this in order.

A second area of confusion is using a line of credit to pay for school. The line of credit CANNOT be in the name of your parents, guardian, other relatives, or friends. The line of credit MUST have your name attached to it. If this is not the case, two options are to see if the bank will use money off that line of credit to back another one in your name. OR you can take the cash from the line of credit and put it in an account until the 28 days has passed. Students often try other methods such as getting a letter from their parents saying they can use this credit for school. Just be aware that any deviation from the rules outlined by the UK for student finances increases your chances of having your Visa denied.

The best chance of having your Visa granted and enjoying a successful study year overseas is to carefully follow the rules of financing. If you need assistance, please contact us! Barclay Educational is an authorized agent of universities in the UK and as such our application support is FREE. Get in touch at OR head to the Contact Page on our website Start YOUR overseas adventures in Fall 2022!