Have a passion for Art and Design? The UK offers a wealth of postgraduate opportunities from illustration for books, to graphic design and printmaking. Barclay Educational Services offers FREE application assistance to students applying from Canada. Browse the list of wonderful possibilities below:

Anglia Ruskin University
(MA) Fine Arts, Children’s Book Illustration, Graphic Design & Typography, Illustration & Book Arts, Printmaking

University of Brighton
Undergrad (BA Hons) – Fine Art Painting, Fine Art Sculpture, Fine Art Printmaking, 3D Design & Craft or 4 yr program leading to Masters (MDES), 3D Design & Craft Postgrad, MA Fine Art

Newcastle University
Postgrad (MFA) Fine Arts

University of Portsmouth
Postgrad (MA) Graphic Design, Illustration

University of Southampton
Postgrad (MA) Fine Art

Aberystwyth University
Postgrad (MA) Fine Art

Bangor University
Postgrad (MA) Fine Art

University of South Wales
Postgrad (MA) Fine Art

Our partner schools also offer programs in Art History and Art Therapy. Get in touch for details. Want to learn more? Or would you like FREE application support from Canada? Contact us! https://barclayedu.com/ Let our decade of experience help YOU Master Art in the UK!