The first coronavirus vaccine ‘smart patch’ is being developed at Swansea University. The disposable device uses micro-needles to both administer the vaccine and monitor its efficacy by measuring the body’s immune response. Part of the global response to the pandemic it is also hoped it can be used to treat other infectious diseases. A prototype will be developed by the end of March in the hope it can be put forward for clinical trials.
In this session, Dr Sanjiv Sharma will explain the scientific principles behind the revolutionary smart patches, their application and impact, and next steps. There will also be opportunity for Q&A.
Dr Sharma is currently a Senior Lecturer in Medical Engineering at Swansea University. At Swansea, he is working on therapeutic drug delivery and diagnostic (theranostic) applications of polymeric microneedles. His areas of expertise include microneedles, minimally invasive sensors, continuous glucose monitoring (CGM), continuous lactate monitoring (CLM), interstitial therapeutic drug monitoring (iTDM).

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