To study medicine at the University of Southampton is to be part of one of the UK’s leading medical schools. This program has earned an international reputation for excellence with its research impact that is changing the world.

Southampton’s Medical School has been training physicians for almost half a century. Many alumni now hold prestigious positions that are currently changing the landscape and future of global healthcare. 

As a medical student at Southampton, you will be part of a thriving and ambitious undergraduate community. Students will develop the attitudes, skills and knowledge to become a skilled practitioner in today’s rapidly changing world of health care. Upon graduation, you will be well prepared to start the first stage of you lifelong medical career in addition to being poised to pursue a career in a wide range of specialities. 

Studying here means having the advantage of training at one of the country’s leading teaching hospitals – University Hospital Southampton. This allows you to gain important practical experience from the very beginning of your studies. Students will be exposed to a variety of clinical settings in the community and NHS trust hospitals across the South.

As part of your medical education journey you will:

  • attend weekend shifts as a healthcare support worker to experience multi-professional teamwork
  • undertake your own research project in year 3
  • take a student assistantship module in year 5

In addition to meeting patients in clinical settings, there is the opportunity to learn from volunteer patients in simulated environments and prepared patient cases. 

All of these diverse learning methods will prepare you to be a caring, competent professional in the field of medicine.

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